About Us

Our Story

As morning people, the idea of warm bread is synonymous with starting your day. Over a cup of coffee and greeting the morning sun, Krumble first came about when its two founders realized that enjoying fresh bread for their sunrise ritual was virtually impossible. As something so common in so many parts of the world, it would take us having to drive into the city to visit only a handful of bakeries that served fresh pastries.

We understood that the ability to produce such delicate fare required expertise and technique—something we were unequipped to deliver. It was in this light-bulb moment that we began to explore the idea of introducing partially baked breads to Cebu. With some digging, we realized that there was a clear path for us to share our desire with others.

Through par-baking, the experience of freshly baked bread could be accessible to anyone. With tourism booming and a growing local demand, businesses and families are no longer constrained to master bakers nearby. Anyone with an oven could whip up deliciously buttery croissant in minutes.

At Krumble, you’ll find everything you’ll need to create that special moment: walking into your kitchen or bakery and being pleasantly overwhelmed by the aroma of freshly baked bread. We provide you not only a wide selection of products, but also baking expertise and training to ensure you get the most from your oven.

With our fleet of drivers and dedicated bakers, Krumble can cater to both businesses and individuals. Whether its for setting up your new coffee shop or simply baking at home, give us a call and allow our team to provide you the kind of service that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day.

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